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Balkan Cups (club & nation)

Slh Alin

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Hello, I'm interested in reactivating Balkan Cups, both club and nations. Now there are 11 nations in this region: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and Turkey. I'm guessing that is not sufficient to simply un-check "extict" box, because of the political changes.


For the club competition I'm thinking of a 32 teams knock-out competition, 3 nations with 4 teams, 4 with 3 teams and 4 nations with only 2 teams. Can I make a coefficient for this cup or the nations will always have the initial number of teams? Is it possible that the teams that qualify for this cup will the best teams from each contry that don't quallify for UEFA competitions? For example Romania places 1-4 go to UEFA cups, and places 5-8 go to Balkan Cup.


For the nations competition I want it to be played every 2 years. 6 teams will play in the first round, with 5 teams quallifying directly to quarter-finals. Is it possible to make the teams with best position in FIFA ranking to go directly to quarter-finals?


Do you have this cups already done or can you give some tutorial so i can do them myself?

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It is possible for making changeable number of places from countries. I've seen that before but I don't know how. As I know it's not possible to participate teams from countries which aren't qualify to euro competitions.

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Thanks fot the answer.


I've managed to activate Balkan Club Cup with 32 teams and iti seems more atractive than Champions League(at least for me). Can you teach me how to make changeable number of teams per nation?


I'm still struggling to create Balkan Nations Cup.

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