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Cookie cutter guide to tactics


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1) Pick fluidity

a) formation with a AMC, MC and DM = highly structured

B) formation without AMC = structured

c) formation without MC = flexible

d) formation without DM = fluid

e) formation without AMC and DM = very fluid

2) Pick mentality


a) 3 defensive and 7 offensive players = defend

B) 4 defensive and 6 offensive players = counter

c) 5 defensive and 5 offensive players = standard

d) 6 defensive and 4 offensive players = control

e) 7 defensive and 3 offensive players = attacking

2) Pick roles and duties.

a) highly structured = GKd, SWd, DCBd, DFBd, DMd, WBd, CMs, WMs, AMCs, WINs, AFa

B) structured = GKd, SWd, DCBd, FBs, DMs, WBs, CMa, WMa, AMCa, WINa, AFa

c) flexible = SKd, SWd, CDd, FBs, DMs, WBs, CMa, WMa, AMCa, WINa, DLFs

d) fluid = SKs, LIBs, CDd, FBs, DMs, WBs, CMd/a, WMd/a, AMCa, WINa, DLFs

e) very fluid = SKa, LIBa, BPDd, CWBa/a, REGs, RPMs, IWBs, BTBs, WPs/a, TREa, RAUa, CFs/a

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Šta bi ovo trebalo da predstavlja? Dosta nelogičnosti.


Higly structured sa isključivo default rolama, gubi poentu, nikom se ne daju ključevi tima u ruke. Very fluid sa svim mogućim playmakerima, iako im filozofija ubija taj status i izjednačava sve.


Da ne govorimo o strukturi - zašto standardna 4-4-2 ne bi išla sa (highly) structured?

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