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  1. Ja najčešće koristim ono 'warn against complacency' da se ne opuste ako vodim. A ako jedva vodim ili je nerješeno ili gubim onda stavim da nije dovoljno dobro. I koristim one geste Wave hands itd.

  2. Updates include but are not limited to the following:

    - Fixed crash during match
    - Fixed crash during processing
    - Fixed crash entering match with large number of hotseat managers in save
    - Fixed crash during Fantasy Draft setup
    - Fixed crash on exiting game
    - Fixed crashes when using edited data

    - Optimised processing speed during scouting assignments
    - Optimised match performance when running high number of leagues
    - Optimised performance and stability of match controller

    - Improved highlight selection for red cards and penalties
    - Improved player ratings balance in background leagues
    - Fixed 3D cut scenes appearing when playing in 2D or commentary only
    - Fixed instances of crowd kits being carried over between matches
    - Fixed issue where user could not take off an injured player and go down to 10 men when they have used all 3 subs
    - Fixed user being unable to make Half-Time Team Talk
    - Improved the functionality for the user to use their 4th sub in the FA Cup and Carabao Cup in extra time
    - Improved substitution decisions by AI Managers
    - Improved balance of crosses going too close to the goalkeeper
    - Improved free kicks
    - Fixed player clearing ball at kick off
    - Improved on ball decisions
    - Fixed issues with keeper saving ball at near post
    - Fixed player slide tackling nobody
    - Fixed keeper standing in the wrong place after taking a penalty in the ABBA format penalty shootout
    - Improved keeper position when backpass option needed by ball player
    - Fixed bug where keeper may go for unattainable ball that his team mate is already favourite for
    - Fixed bug where keeper may try to pick up ball while in his own goalmouth causing it to be carried over line
    - Fixed some instances of players trying to control or tackle ball that is far from their feet
    - Fixed penalty taker change not being applied
    - Fixed instances of the assist player being wrongly set
    - Fixed instances of players being considered to have an injury when they didn't
    - Improved marking of ball player
    - Fixed keeper coming for ball and not using feet when easier than a save
    - Fixed keeper making unrealistic and impossible effort to save again when he himself just made a save
    - Various animation fixes

    - Added ability to undertake multiple actions on scout reports
    - Balanced time taken to gain knowledge of players during scouting assignments
    - Balanced progression of scouting assignments via scouting queue
    - Balanced amount players will complain about first team football
    - Fixed instances of clubs not having league expectations set
    - Fixed rare issue where users would be sacked for failing an unachievable promise made via a board request
    - Fixed rare issue where a player would not enter contract talks despite being happy to do so according to their agent
    - Fixed deadline day not appearing for winter window in Greece
    - Fixed missing transfer window closing news items in March for Vanarama leagues
    - Fixed manager being asked who will win the title when it has already been decided
    - Fixed journalist not recognising that a match went to penalties
    - Fixed record transfer narrative incorrectly triggering when record breaks from empty/missing data
    - Fixed national squad selection changing randomly after submission
    - Various award fixes and improvements
    - Fixed Turkish clubs paying excessive rent
    - Fixed problems with forced stadium expansions reducing capacity

    - Combined List and Pitch view on in-match tactics in resolutions of 1600 and wider
    - Added Opposition Instructions to in-match quick tactics bar
    - Added attributes pop-up to player names on between highlights panel
    - Match widget headers now clickable links to provide quicker access to full panels
    - Added player stats to post-match review screen in wide enough resolutions
    - Added tickboxes for ‘Add to Shortlist’ and ‘Add as Transfer Target’ to Scouting Centre so user can do these alongside other actions
    - Fixed view being forgotten on player search screen upon exiting the game
    - Fixed column size increasing on a custom view when you expand/reduce the tactics pitch
    - Fixed custom view column sizes changing when continuing
    - Fixed rare issue where match widgets would disappear but remain selected
    - Fixed issue where tactics analysis would stop recognising a player with personalised instructions
    - Fixed issue where text would overlap on happiness section of Player Information panel
    - Fixed being unable to change formation via quick tactics bar in match
    - Fixed match widgets not becoming transparent when the action is occurring behind them
    - Fixed issue where player suitability circles would remain black if changes made when tactics pitch was hidden
    - Fixed missing stats for youth and reserve competitions

    – Fixed Spanish first team squad registrations making some players unnecessarily ineligible for the B team
    – Fixed Spanish B team players being marked as unavailable despite being eligible to play
    – Fixed default nation advanced rules errors for Austria & Portugal
    – Fixed Slovenian Second League team would not get promoted if they won the promotion playoff
    - Fixed scenario that would cause the U20 leagues in Italy to stop being scheduled
    - Improved AI club registration in Brazil (new games only)
    - Amended registration rules for some Brexit scenarios

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  3. Changes include but are not limited to:

    FOOTBALL MANAGER 2018 -- HOTFIX 18.1.3


    - Fixed crash during processing
    - Addressed rare crash when hovering over player role on quick sub panel
    - Fixed rare crash occurring during post-match team talk
    - Addressed match freezing when multiple players are in online match
    - Fixed issue with certain editor files creating saves which cannot be reloaded


    - Fixed rare issue of substituted player appearing on bench and pitch at same time on tactics screen
    - Reduces incidences of cross/shots highlights
    - Fixed rare case of ball not re-entering play after a throw in
    - Further fixes for player names not appearing correctly within match


    - Fixed players being re-suggested in scouting inbox despite having already been acknowledged
    - Fixes so Carabao Cup 2nd round draw is completed correctly

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  4. Changes include but are not limited to the following:

    FOOTBALL MANAGER 2018 -- UPDATE 18.1.2


    - Fixed crash/freeze during processing
    - Fixed rare crash when joining online game
    - Fixed rare crash when offering player contract
    - Fixed Windows 32-bit crash on launch
    - Improved graphics benchmarking for Windows 32-bit systems
    - Fixed slowdown encountered when running custom data
    - Fixed slowdown whilst editing attributes with IGE


    - Fixed match freeze after tactical changes
    - Fixed 'Teams Are Warming Up' dialog showing at incorrect time
    - Fixed replay displaying at incorrect time
    - Fixed missing flashing goal text in Commentary Only
    - Fixed score inconsistency upon completion of network game match
    - Fixed representation of player height in match
    - Fixed invisible players on Mac OS X 10.9 NVIDIA systems
    - Fixed instances of player names not appearing correctly within the match


    - Balanced scouting costs within scouting range
    - Fixed missing league expectations in Belgium

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