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  1. Footbe Logos 2019-20


    1. Download the .zip file and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract their contents.
    2. Move the extracted contents to your graphics folder:

      \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics\logos\

      Create folders "graphics" and "logos" if they don't exist already.

    3. Run Football Manager 2020 and go to Preferences > Interface:

      Hit the Clear Cache button. Return to this screen.

      Enable Reload Skin when confirming changes in preferences.

      Hit the Confirm button.




    Logos included in v3.3

    43 leagues are fully covered, including clubs that used to be in those leagues since 2011.

    • Nations League 2018 / v2.8
    • World Cup 2018 (final stage only) / v2.6
    • Euro 2016 (final stage only) / v2.2
    • Champions League (group stage only)
    • Europa League (group stage only) / v2.1
    • en.png English Premier League
    • es.png Spanish La Liga
    • it.png Italian Serie A
    • de.png German Bundesliga
    • br.png Brasileiro Série A / v1.2
    • fr.png French Ligue 1
    • nl.png Dutch Eredivisie
    • pt.png Portuguese Primeira Liga
    • ru.png Russian Premier League
    • be.png Belgian Pro League / v1.4
    • ua.png Ukrainian Premier League
    • ar.png Argentine Primera / v1.3
    • tr.png Turkish Super Lig
    • pl.png Polish Ekstraklasa / v1.9
    • se.png Swedish Allsvenskan / v1.9
    • gr.png Greek Superleague
    • cn.png Chinese Super League / v2.9
    • mx.png Mexican Liga MX / v2.3 - Half the logos by abdi7451
    • dk.png Danish Superliga / v1.6
    • ch.png Swiss Super League / v2.1
    • us.png American MLS / v1.5 - Half the logos by Patres10
    • au.png Australian A-League / v2.4
    • en.png English Championship
    • sco.png Scottish Premiership / v1.1
    • rs.png Serbian SuperLiga / v1.5
    • hr.png Croatian First Football League / v1.7
    • no.png Norwegian Tippeligaen / v1.8
    • fr.png French Ligue 2 / v2.4
    • ie.png Irish Premiership / v2.9 - Logos by daherlihy
    • sk.png Slovak Super Liga / v1.5 - Logos by Patres10
    • ch.png Swiss Challenge League / v2.9
    • ie.png Irish Championship / v2.9 - Logos by daherlihy
    • sk.png Slovak 2. Liga / v1.5 - Logos by Patres10
    • en.png English League One / v2.0
    • at.png Austrian Football Bundesliga / NEW in v3.3
    • bg.png Bulgarian First League / NEW in v3.3
    • cl.png Chilean Primera División / NEW in v3.3
    • co.png Colombian Categoría Primera A / NEW in v3.3
    • cz.png Czech First League / NEW in v3.3
    • fi.png Finnish Veikkausliiga / NEW in v3.3

    Plus some random club logos I created for the needs of my player report cards on our (super awesome) FM Scouting Platform.

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  2. This out of memory error happens because your computer doesn’t have enough memory to run Football Manager. Perhaps because you have a huge number of programs running along with FM, or:

    1 – You don’t have enough ram on your computer;

    2 – You have enough ram but you’re running Football Manager on a 32bit Operating System;

    3 – Your computer does not have the power plans configured correctly;

    4 – Your anti-virus is scanning your computer files while you’re playing FM;

    5 – You’re using custom graphics like skins, logos, facepacks, kits or any other type of graphical add-ons. And probably some of them are in conflict with original FM files;

    6 – You’re using Real Names Fix.

    What should I do to avoid this problem

    1 – Football manager is an accessible game for most computers, however you must check the minimum requirements to can play it smoothly.

    The number of leagues/divisions selected at the beginning of a new career can also have an impact on this type of errors. Make sure you follow the star rating recommendation.

    2 – If you have a computer with enough ram but you’re using a 32bit OS, then your ram are capped at 3gb maximum. Make sure you upgrade your Operating System to 64bit, so you can make use of all your computer specifications.

    3 – Make sure your computer/display don’t sleep after some minutes and also make sure you run it at maximum performance.

    How to do this?

    PC users:

    Click on Start -> Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> Power Options

    Set to High Performance and switch the turn off the display to never.

    Mac users:

    Click on Apple -> System Preferences -> Energy Saver

    Set to never Display sleep and Computer sleep and untick the following options Put the hard disk to sleep when possible /automatically reduce brightness before display goes to sleep / Automatic graphics switching

    4 – Do not let your anti virus scan your system files while you’re playing Football Manager. This can conflict with your save game files.

    5 – Custom graphics, specially skins may cause your FM crash. Delete all the graphics that you have in your graphics folder if you get this type of crash.

    6 – Delete also your Real Names Fix. If you have not backed up the original files, then you should reinstall Football Manager.
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  3. Konacno uspeo da stignem do polusezone, evo rezultata.


    U ligi se kolje 4-5 ekipa za 3 i 4 mesto.

    Rezultati, inace i protiv Barse i protiv Reala primio golove oko 85 min, popizdeo sam bio.



    Tabela za sada izgleda ovako:



    I konacno da mi se vrati ono protiv Barse i Reala da pobedim u 80+ min.



    U Ligi Evrope, lagana grupa i dominacija




    Kup, za sada lagano



    Najbolji igrac, vec sada mi par igraca traze najbolji klubovi evrope, tipa PSG, Bajern, Barsa itd.


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  4. Prelako za sad, u 3.kolu qual za LE sa Zvezdom sam izbacio Milan, 2:1 ukupno, nikog nisam doveo, sad protiv Young Boysa za ulazak u grupe

    Moze transferi?


    Poslato sa WAS-LX1 uz pomoć Tapatoka

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