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  1. Dear FM-Balkan, Thank you to send us a message at facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gocland/photos/o.102266896480540/906947529329993/ Our purpose is to connect with other FM communities and to give chance to online FM players to play against players from other countries. Our website is relatively new but we can manage more kind of tournaments: knockout cups, round-robin leagues, and ladders. We started our first tournament in the beginning of last autumn and the Hungarian online FM community tested the functionality of the website. Our big dream is to organize international Football Manager tournaments. You can read about the details here: http://gocland.com/eu/news/gocland-cycles Here is a league and a cup which are already running: http://gocland.com/eu/hungary/fm2015/1st-national-league http://gocland.com/eu/hungary/fm2015/1st-national-cup There are some countries who interested in it already. For example Danmark, Romania, Spain, England, etc. We hope you are familiar with this kind of tournaments because this forum post is very similar to our tournaments: http://www.fm-balkan.com/forum/topic/4103-proposal-online-tournament-between-foruns/?p=102280 Are you interested in it? Best regards, gocland admins

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